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3D Design Final Project

April 29, 2013

Assignment: Pretend you are collaborating with an artist (Mine was Janine Antoni) and create a piece that brings your style/concepts together with theirs.

Details: I made two candles in the shape of hands and placed them on a wooden plaque I painted solid white. They each had 4 wicks coming out from the palm. One was white, and one was white and red marbled. As they melted the different colors of wax flowed into each other and mixed.

The hands were “reaching” for each other to represent the relationships we have with people and how we reach out to them. The melting represents how we fall apart from people in our lives, and the mixing of the melted wax shows that no matter how far apart you get from someone those experiences have been a part of your life and they always will be. You can melt and reform the wax all you want but it will always contain the colors from both candles.



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