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I inked up the woodblock today & I like what happened. The top one is just on white paper & the bottom two are on some monotypes I did at the beginning of the semester! Gonna play with patterns and overlaying the block to see what I can get to work for the final print.

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Okay I think this is going well.

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Making things happen.

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The plan. The steps. The final result.



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Oh my goodness I don’t think I’ve ever gotten an ask on here but this is great thank you??? You’re v sweet.

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First copper plate etching is going incredibly well I have no idea how but man this is thrilling. I’m so happy it’s working out.

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I’m finally getting somewhere.

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Had to get something out of my brain so I can feel productive and I drew this and loooooved it so I printed 40.

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Getting somewhere!

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At it again.